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About us

About Us

About Us. We have been breeding puppies for many years now and we love every part of our job! We provide a very warm and friendly environment for these puppies. Our professional team makes sure pets here always get the highest level of care, because we treat all pets as if they were ours!

We’re Happy To Help

Every year, thousands of unplanned and unwanted puppies and kittens are born. We recommend having your pet spayed or neutered. Ask for our free brochure on this important subject.if you would prefer to take in a pet from the local shelter, we will be happy to refer you. No matter where you acquire your pet, we will be proud to counsel and assist you.

If you are looking for a precious little Yorkie that is healthy, and has a sweet temperament, then this is the right place for you. We have been helping Yorkie lovers around the world find their perfect fur babies for several years. They’re perfect house pets for any home, including those with small children and other pets! Feel free to check out our.
Great Reputation
We have built our reputation – since 2009– helping thousands of families adopt new pets into their homes. We are committed to making your new relationship with your pet the best that it can be.

Why Choose Us

Care Advice

Here at Daisy Yorkie homes we provide the pups with significant veterinarian care and vaccinations before they can be placed in your home.

We use high-quality food.
We weigh them daily and take their temperatures often.
We groom each puppy daily; including bathing, nail trimming, and brushing.
Socialization with adults and children including lots of play.
Daily Exercise.

Buying a Puppy

Buying a puppy can be one of the most joyful experiences of your life. That’s why we’re here. We ensure that our Yorkie Pups meet standards before they can move to another loving home.

Your Benefits

Your Benefits
We will help match you with the right pup for your personality and lifestyle.
Our Yorkie puppies go home with a complimentary first veterinary exam.
We provide a Health Certificate, and the vaccines up to date.
Our Puppies come with a Microchip ready for activation.
Generations Pedigree.
Registration Papers.

More benefits

We also provide all customers with a comprehensive one (1) year extended warranty with their puppy.
Resources Kit (with a training video).

Delivery Information

We accept orders wordwide

Contact us for more details regarding shipping.